Hand Nicknames


Pocket Rockets, Big Slick, King Kong, Doyle Brunson, Ducks, Kojak, Jesus, Snowmen, Phill Helmuth, Route 66, Big chick, Anna Kournikova and Hockey sticks are all nicknames for type of starthands.

PokerRobot.org sorted all kind of hands with their nickname! Take a look at our Pokerhand nickname page and impress your friends at the pokertable with your hand knowledge!

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Choose the best online pokerroom


All online pokerrooms have different player levels. Some pokerrooms have a lot of professional players and some pokerrooms are filled with gamblers! Pacific Poker is part of gamblingcompany 888.com. Some gamblers of 888.com try their luck at Pacific Poker. Download, subscribe and start making money! Another cool pokerroom with a $600 dollar sign-up bonus and a big collection of bad pokerplayers is PKR.com. PKR.com is a 3D pokergame which attract a lot of bad and average poker players because of the 3D environment. A good place for you to make money! Download PKR, subscribe and try it yourself.

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Basic Texas Holdem poker rules


New to poker? Texas Hold'em poker is a fabulous game of chance and strategy. Take your chances and have a great time playing. On thing that is great about Internet Texas Hold'em is the others players can’t read you to try to find out if you’re bluffing. Online or off, Texas Hold’em poker is a great combination of luck and strategy. Take a look at the basic rules of poker and make easy money by plaing on the internet!

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History of poker


Texas No Limit Hold'em poker is a game which originates in the 16th century. The game 'poker' has played for centuries and is nowadays one of the biggest (card)games in the world. Don't you know all these details? Check our 'history of poker'-page!

Read the full history of poker here! Discover everything about the history of poker at PokerRobot.org.

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Rank of hands


It is crucial to know the rank of hands in order to play Texas Holdem No limit poker. A poker hand consists of five cards. The best hand in holdem is called 'Royal Flush'. Other hands are: straight flush, three of a kind, flush, two pair and high card. PokerRobot.org has listed the rank of hands for you. Any hand in a higher category beats any hand in a lower category. The categories of hand, from high to low, are listed on our rank of hands page. Perfect for a newbie in Texas Hold'em poker!

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No Limit Hold'em tips


Texas No Limit Hold'em Poker is a very simple game to play. You can learn the game poker within an eyewink. The rules are very easy. PokerRobot.org aims to help players learn to win at poker, but before you can win at poker, you need to learn how to play poker!

Here are a variety of pokerbasics which every player must know. We divided the tips in beginner, intermediate and advanced pokertips. Just read the articles and improve your pokergame!

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Online pokertells


Texas No Limit Holdem poker is a game which a lot of money is involved. You can make easy by playing online poker. Take great advantages reading our top 5 online poker tells. Online poker tells can be read just as easily and be just as profitable as being able to read someone heads up in person. Although you cannot physically see the opponent, there are many different things your opponent can do to give away his hand. Discover everything about the online pokertells and maximize your bankroll!

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